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As I had mentioned in my post about what I am planning to achieve and my goals here, sports was one of the things that I needed to focus on.

This is why I decided it is time that I wrote about it here to get started! As I spoke about the two sports last time I want to get into skateboarding and disc golf.

The key reasons being that they are cheap and social activities which means more people time while playing the sport. I hate sports where its just me doing something, I need interactions and stuff.

So let’s look into some benefits of each of the sports and see how well they will work for me and for everyone reading this blog.

Skateboarding – Life of a skateboarder

Now I personally have never tried skateboarding as I had a mother who was very cautious about my injuries but now as an adult I want to give it a try and work on it.

To start off I will have to learn how to ride a skateboard but luckily a guide by outdoor sporty explains it really well so I won’t have any trouble getting started.

Like any sport skateboarding too has lots of benefits but because I am mainly getting into it for the health benefits, let me share some with you.

Helps with flexibility: Skateboarding requires that you remain limber and focus on yourself while keeping your body loose at the same time. This important for our modern lifestyles because of the fact that sitting infront of our computers 8-10 hours per day makes our body very stiff.

Building Physical Endurance: Skateboarding is such a fun activity that once you get started, it is hard to stop and that helps with building up your endurance.

Co-ordination improvement: This is the one I need the most, I am so clumsy that it is impossible to think that I even have any coordination. When skateboarding you have to be coordinated and that is a fun way to get better at it.

Transferable: It helps that if I ever want to snowboard or surf board I can apply the same skills on them and learn those sports quickly too. Which is a great thing cause why limit ourselves to one sport right?

Disc Golf – Golf in budget!

Here is the thing, I love golf. Ever since I was a kid but I could never afford it because it was expensive as hell then and it is expensive as hell now to get into. Calculating the memberships and clubs alone can cost so much that I never tried to get it. Luckily there is one sport that I had never heard about until recently.

That sport is disc golf. Now I personally don’t know much about disc golf like how to play disc golf but I am interested in giving it a try only because it has the same rules as normal golf.

One of the things I loved about golf was that you needed to focus your best. Your focus was everything in that sport and seeing as I lack focus it is appropriate that disc golf is a sport that I need to give a try.

Let me know in the comments what sport are you willing to try this season and what sports I should give a try that I must have missed.


As you know turning your life around is not an easy task and no matter what anyone says or shows that it is one piece of cake for them it really isn’t.

By default our body and mind hate change, they hate it!. They would rather have you doing the same thing again and again forever. Change is the most evil thing for them and they can’t stand it. They like there regular time table and where everything is suppose to be and whatever you have been doing they want that to keep happening forever and ever.

This is why you will often see people stick with there miserable jobs or with abusive partners or in a bad relationship. This is why when somebody says that it takes great strength to make a change in life and grab a new work opportunity or finally leaving the toxic relationship, I can finally now understand what they mean.

Our bodies in general do not want anything like this to happen. They want us to stay back the same way forever! If you think it is easy try waking up early for a week, you will be able to do it for a day or two but after that you will unconsciously go back to your regular self.

This is why  I started researching on how I can start turning my life around and start getting better in life. The first step they said is defining the goals.

So that is what I am going to do.

Sleeping Schedule

I know for a fact that almost everyone who is living a hectic lifestyle is suffering from this problem. No matter what we try it is impossible to goto sleep on time and then to wake up fresh and early.

There have been countless studies on the benefits of waking up early and starting well, but my sleep has been a problem ever since I was a kid. Which is why I am determined to make this change first. Everything else in the list can easily be done if I am able to get this done on time and regularly.


I want to get into atleast 2 sports that force me to go outside and spend time outdoors. They have to be fun and relatively safe as I don’t want to get injured but a little thrill is necessary.

Considering almost all sports provide some sort of thrill I am thinking of getting into disc golf and skateboarding. I have never tried either before and wanted to try skateboarding for a long time so now I think it will be a great time to get into.

Disc golf is something I have only heard about recently but I want to get into it as it is cheap, safe and fun. All you need are discs and a disc golf backpack to store them on a move. Sounds fun and cheap and if I ever get good I can start participating in local tourneys.


I feel like this is one those things that everybody should mind but we all tend to avoid. Food is our fuel our nutrition and to avoid it the way we do is dangerous. Specially me when I eat like crap and don’t do any physical activities. Which is why food is also part of this list.

Personal Sports

Hi, I am Mark Miller and this my blog where I will be recording my life as I make an attempt to dedicate to change my life. It is not that anything is wrong with my life but that doesn’t mean I can’t work hard to make it even better as I grow.

I wish to be more fitter, healthier and be generally happy in my life and these are the changes I will be making and how. Everything will be explained well and I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.